Glad to Be On Board

Good day all. What a wonderful ride this life is. Last year this time I would have never imagined I’d be involved and working with such a great pipes and tobacco team as this. Life long pipe smoker and since 1999 my affection for it lead me to pipe making. Throughout the day I mostly […]

A Friend Retires

This morning I received a phone call that I knew would come eventually, but I dreaded getting it. My good friend and colleague, Carl McAllister, the Master Blender and Quality Control Manager for Sutliff Tobacco Company is retiring as of the end of January. I had heard of Carl, but we had never met until […]

Tongue Bite in Pipe Smokers

Don’t let your tongue get bitten! Tongue Bite is a fairly common problem among pipe smokers; even veteran smokers can experience it from time to time. Aromatics tend to be the biggest villains when it comes to tongue bite. They tend to be very moist and burn hot, which produces very hot steam, which is […]