Two Sides of the Same Coin

So far, I’ve made five pipe blends that contain some cigar leaf. I use it for two reasons- like Maryland, it can help the burning qualities of a too-slow-smoking mixture, and it increases the amount and density of the smoke itself. The most recent was Virginia Memory No. 10 from the Hearth & Home Marquee […]

For the Beginner – Part 2, Choosing a Tobacco

One of the biggest questions a new pipe smoker has to deal with is what kind of tobacco to choose. The variety of pipe tobaccos is amazing. Virtually any type of flavor is out there, but the taste isn’t the only thing you should consider. I’ll outline the major categories for you, and I’ll rate […]

Virginia Night

Virginia Night, oh Virginia Night. This is one of my favorite tobaccos at the moment and it will give you a good idea of how spectacular Virginia blends can be. There is a depth of sweetness that I have never experienced in any other blend, and I have smoked a lot of Virginias. Virginia Night is […]