Holiday Gift Thoughts

Before we know it, we’ll be caught up in the flurry of activity that is the holiday shopping season. Some of us have already made our lists and possibly even begun shopping. Others, like me, will probably be scrambling on Christmas Eve to get those last few items. When I was a kid, lots of […]

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Labor Day has just passed, and that means that the sun will be setting earlier, the evenings will become a bit chilly, but the daytime will be just about perfect for being outdoors. It’s still warm enough not to need a sweater or jacket, but it’s usually not brutally hot. Of course, as I write […]

Some Thoughts About Cigars

One of the problems with having a busy mind is the ongoing flood of random thoughts. I wish that I had the discipline to write them all down, but I would probably wind up with carpal tunnel syndrome if I did. I’ve had a number of thoughts lately about cigars, so I’m just going to […]

Cigar Academy: How to Re-Light a Cigar

Having to relight a cigar after it goes out can be a make or break moment. Typically if a cigar is left to go out, it is a great idea to pass on it and let it die with dignity. Sometimes you just can’t let it go however; it is just that damn good. When that is the case there is a proper way to do it to get the most out of your experience.