Sherlock Holmes as a Pipe Smoker – Book Review

I was recently sent a copy of a new book, Sherlock Holmes as a Pipe Smoker, by its author Dr. Thomas Gwinner. Since Sherlockiana is one of my hobbies, I was intrigued by the subject as much has been made about the references to pipes, tobaccos, cigars and cigarettes in the Canon. What made this […]

Celluloid Smokers

I find it fascinating to pick out instances of pipe smoking in films and print. Whether it be found in  “almost films” like television productions  or internet digital media, or perhaps in more unusual places like bumper stickers or tattoos (not a reference to Fantasy Island), it seems the recurring problem is the relatability to […]

On Sherlock Holmes

Probably one of the first images that pop into one’s mind when thinking of a pipe smoker (other than Dad or Grandpa) is a man who didn’t really exist but who has fascinated millions worldwide for well over 100 years, and that man is the redoubtable Sherlock Holmes. Holmes captured the minds of his fans […]