Try this with your flakes

I am a big fan of flake tobaccos and enjoy the long, cool smoke they provide. The only problem is I over pack the pipe, leading to a troublesome smoke. The bowl will not stay lit and I often get tongue bite from lighting it so much. I stayed away from flakes for a long time after a few […]

The Perfect Pipe

If I were to describe the perfect pipe, it would be light as a feather, have a super-comfortable stem, would stay lit for 5 minutes without puffing on it, would always smoke cool and dry, would be visually stunning and would cost about $15. Of course, this animal doesn’t exist. And frankly, the perfect pipe […]

About Vulcanite Stems

Very few things in life are perfect. Bacon is wonderful, but if you go just a little past the ideal level of crisp, you wind up with burnt bacon. Life is full of these “close, but not perfect” things. Some things that fall into this category are vulcanite (ebonite, hard rubber) stems. They offer a […]

For the Beginner- Part 1, Packing, Lighting and Smoking

I’m willing to bet that there are more ex-pipe smokers than pipe smokers. The main reason that so many people try smoking a pipe and give it up is because they get the wrong kind of pipe and/or tobacco, and they don’t know how to pack, light and smoke to get the most enjoyment and […]

Overview- Decatur products

4 pipe rest

When I first started selling pipes in my shop, Decatur was the best-known name in pipe furniture. They had a nice assortment of stands, racks, tobacco jars and cabinets, and they were pretty reasonably priced. Then with very little warning, Decatur was gone, and there weren’t many companies left to fill the void. A number […]

A New Pipe Company is a coming……..

I just had to post this today. The anticipation is killing me and driving everyone around me nuts.  I want to give you more details but I can only say that there is a new pipe company that is making pipes in the USA. Let me say that again, a NEW pipe company with pipes MADE […]

The Details Count


I get to see a lot of pipes throughout the day here at P&C, I mean a lot. Whether it’s going through estate pipes or measuring pipes or receiving in new inventory. It gives me a chance to inspect a wide variety of pipes from factory made to artisan. Some pipes surprise me and some pipes disappoint […]

Pipe Review- Kaywoodie Sterling


Among the broad variety of pipe brands, Kaywoodie holds a very special place. Back in the fifties, it was so well respected, that in many stores, Kaywoodie sold for a higher price than Dunhill. As time went on, their most popular models were the lower priced ones, and so Kaywoodie became more of a mainstream […]

About Pipes and Tobaccos

When I first decided to bring pipes and pipe tobacco into my retail store, I had no idea just how many products were on the market. Fortunately, I had manufacturers’ reps who were very helpful and patient, and they helped me to understand the importance of variety to pipe smokers. Up to that point, I […]

Talking Meerschaum


Corn cobs and briars dominate the pipe market by a wide margin, but one of the most traditional materials used to make pipes is meerschaum, so I’d like to take some time to give you some information about this interesting substance, and the smoking instruments made from it. Meerschaum (which is often mistaken for ivory) […]