Born in the USA

Don’t get me wrong – I love pipes from Italy, Denmark, Japan and elsewhere. Some of my favorite tobaccos come from Europe. But I really prefer domestic products whenever possible. We’ve made an internal commitment to work hard in 2015 to promote and support American-made products as much as possible, and you’ll see this in […]

Pipe Tobacco Review – Hearth & Home Mid-Town Series Chatham Manor by JimInks


If you frequent any of the pipe-related forums online, you probably are familiar with the handle JimInks. That’s the name used by Jim Amash, a comic book artist from New York. He’s able to smoke while working, so he has time to try a wide variety of tobaccos, and he’s got a very keen palate. […]

Pipe Engineering

On the surface, a pipe seems like it should be fairly simple to make properly if you have the right equipment, but it’s a lot more difficult than it seems. Just about every pipe enthusiast has had a real clunker of a pipe. Usually that means that the pipe smokes wet, smokes hot or just […]

The Little Brand That Could

Almost ten years ago, I was asked to make some blends for our pipe club to try. The feedback was so positive that we put them in jars and began to sell them in the store. They sold so well that we put them on the website, and Hearth & Home was born. The original […]


It’s pretty amazing to me to hear people talking about things from the past that they miss. A number of times I’ll hear somebody waxing nostalgic about a product or even a person, and I distinctly remember them complaining about the item or the person when they were around. In the pipe and cigar world […]

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Mix & Match tins + MORE!

  Mix & Match Tins We ran a Mix & Match promotion recently, and it went over so well that we’re going to do it again, but with a somewhat different mix of tobaccos. There are 50 blends here – choose four, and when you do, you’ll get one free. Some of these are among our […]

As the Year Winds Down…


If it seems that I’ve been among the missing, it’s only because I’ve been involved with a lot of projects that have kept me very occupied. 2014, by far, will be the best year has ever had. We’ve undergone tremendous growth, and, of course, it’s all thanks to our valued customers. We’d like to […]

Meerschaum Depot Pipes


Today is the 5th day of our 25 days of Christmas sale and we are busy. Our pickers are pulling their hair out and I think they are ready for the company Christmas party. Today we are highlighting our good friends at Meerschaum Depot. We have expanded the line to include Santa pipes, Cased Sets and Clown pipes […]

20% OFF Daughters & Ryan + MORE!

Four days in to the 25 Days of Christmas specials and we’ve seen quite a few responses to what we have going on. Don’t worry there is still 21 more deals to go! Today is slightly different from the others as today we have two separate deals. One of them is normal and will only […]

10% OFF Aldo Velani pipes

Aldo Velani Aldo Velani is one of those few stories that begin with “Was once very popular but disappeared for a period.” Well, now they’re back and our good friends from Texas make sure we are well stocked at all times. No, they’re not an American pipe they are born of Italy and it would […]