My love of pipes goes back to when I was a lad. It was a time when smoking, in general, was more accepted.  The use of pipes and cigars was more prevalent in society, overall. I can recall many a time being entranced by a particular aroma emanating from some gent’s pipe. I also found that […]

Some Quick Fixes for Pipe Smokers

Pipes can be fickle. Stems will often be too loose or too tight. Burnouts are another big issue, and because people bite down on the stem, dents and holes can occur. Luckily, some of these things can be dealt with at home, so I’ll give you some ideas that you can try. Loose stems are […]

A Long Time Coming


It’s hard to believe that I’ve been making Hearth & Home tobaccos for ten years now. It doesn’t seem possible, but more than 80 blends later, 2015 has arrived. About five years ago, I started investigating the possibility of adding a line of pipes to the Hearth & Home brand. Some pipes I found were […]

Tobacco Road

In 1960, John D. Loudermilk first delivered his lyrical ode . . .               ” . . .With the help and the grace from above,            Save some money, get rich and old,             Bring it back to Tobacco Road . . .”   Although the song presents a generally bleak disdain of the […]

Starting a “Fire Storm”


  With the introduction of Russ Ouellette’s new line of tinned tobaccos this week I thought it would be a good time to post a review. I’ve been fortunate to be smoking this wonderful blend for the last two weeks.I’m a confirmed Virginia Perique lover so this tobacco excites me,  I am smoking it in […]

My Tobacco

Sometimes you come upon a blend of tobacco that surprises you. It may be a blend you tried at one point and didn’t care for, or one you just found, or you may have attempted blending for yourself just to test it out. The latter is my surprise tobacco. As I have mentioned, I enjoy […]

A Friend Retires

This morning I received a phone call that I knew would come eventually, but I dreaded getting it. My good friend and colleague, Carl McAllister, the Master Blender and Quality Control Manager for Sutliff Tobacco Company is retiring as of the end of January. I had heard of Carl, but we had never met until […]

Tobacco Acquisition

I’ve said it before. I love tobacco.  English, aromatic, Balkans, VaPers; I love it all. I am partial to Lane Leo, which is based on the old John Cotton blend, and the fresh release of Lane’s Crown Achievement. But then there are some great aromatics like Drew Estate’s 7th Avenue Blonde, Russ’s Spring Training, and […]

Cold Days, Warm Pipes

As a child of the turbulent ’60s, I was too young to go to Woodstock, but not old enough to stand up to my father’s recurring insistence that I get a haircut. So I had to bide my time and learn to let my freak flag fly in more subtle ways. I learned patience by […]

Introducing …….

HHpipes (2)

We have a bunch of talented people that work at P&C and one of our photographers wanted to experiment a little with a few pipes.  His name is Joe and he does outstanding work. He also comes through for us whenever we need something done in a pinch, so when Joe asked me to get […]