Pipepalooza 2014

As many of you may have noticed recently we’ve been putting our weekly deals up here. Many of you are thinking why do I have to read that here when I already get the email? Well, it’s quite simple. In 2015 we are planning to run Talking Tobacco only deals. So we want to get […]

Holiday Gift Thoughts

Before we know it, we’ll be caught up in the flurry of activity that is the holiday shopping season. Some of us have already made our lists and possibly even begun shopping. Others, like me, will probably be scrambling on Christmas Eve to get those last few items. When I was a kid, lots of […]

Our Mistake, Your Gain!


Every so often, we screw up. Well, maybe more frequently than that, but we’re human. What you don’t see very often, though, is when a company acknowledges the error and encourages people to take advantage of it, but that’s what I’m doing today for those of you who have been kind enough to follow our […]

Pipe Tobacco and Big Business

hearth home jpg

We were talking here recently about why smaller boutique brands have been thriving in the pipe tobacco category while some of the mass-market brands are stagnant or declining, and one reason seems readily apparent. For boutique manufacturers and larger companies who make pipe tobacco and little else, pipe tobacco is very important to their survival. […]

Two Sides of the Same Coin

So far, I’ve made five pipe blends that contain some cigar leaf. I use it for two reasons- like Maryland, it can help the burning qualities of a too-slow-smoking mixture, and it increases the amount and density of the smoke itself. The most recent was Virginia Memory No. 10 from the Hearth & Home Marquee […]

What is your opinion on Lakelands?

Every few months I go through a period of smoking Lakeland tobaccos. For those that do not know, Lakeland tobaccos have flavorings that can range from rose to geranium to Tonkin and are applied to top quality leaf. They have a particular taste to them that people either love or hate. I dip my toe in […]

The Joys of Estate Pipes

I am not ashamed to admit that a lot of my pipe collection consists of estate pipes. When I first started smoking a pipe in college I had no money and at that time I was buying and smoking a lot of cigars. The shop I went to was mainly a cigar store but they had […]

My Morning

I just wanted to post a quick update on here to give everyone a little insight into a typical morning here at P&C. My day started off when the photography department asked me to come by and go through dozens of tobacco tins and rearrange them into some kind of cohesive order. I am not […]

The Neverending Quest


I haven’t been writing quite as much for TalkingTobacco.com for the last couple of weeks, and the reason is because I’ve been scouring the world to find new and interesting tobaccos for my upcoming blends. Okay, that’s a lie. I don’t have to travel that much because I’m lucky enough to have people who let […]


When I started working for PipesandCigars.com a little over ten years ago, I was asked to put together a few tobacco blends to see if people would want to buy them. The result was the beginning of our Hearth & Home line, which has grown far bigger than I would have ever expected. Many of […]