The Perfect Pipe

If I were to describe the perfect pipe, it would be light as a feather, have a super-comfortable stem, would stay lit for 5 minutes without puffing on it, would always smoke cool and dry, would be visually stunning and would cost about $15. Of course, this animal doesn’t exist. And frankly, the perfect pipe […]

Vulcanite vs. Acrylic

As with pipe and tobacco selection, the choice between vulcanite and acrylic is a subjective decision. There are a number of pros and cons to both materials. Pipe stems generally come in one of two materials, vulcanite or acrylic. There are other materials, but these are the typical choices. Vulcanite is rubber that has undergone […]

Pipe Academy: A Bit About Bits

While we tend to wax poetic about the beautiful grain that can be found in briar or fawn over the carving and coloration of meerschaum, we tend to think little about the bit or mouthpiece. After all, it serves a practical purpose, and, besides, it’s under our noses, so we pay less attention to it. […]