Thoughts About Pipe Cleaners

pipe cleaner sampler

The most overlooked accessory for pipe smokers is the humble pipe cleaner. Some of us are so good at overlooking them that they rarely use one and then wonder why their pipe tastes nasty. Pipe cleaners are not only useful, but they’re surprisingly versatile as well. There are quite a few different types of pipe […]



My love of pipes goes back to when I was a lad. It was a time when smoking, in general, was more accepted.  The use of pipes and cigars was more prevalent in society, overall. I can recall many a time being entranced by a particular aroma emanating from some gent’s pipe. I also found that […]

As the Year Winds Down…


If it seems that I’ve been among the missing, it’s only because I’ve been involved with a lot of projects that have kept me very occupied. 2014, by far, will be the best year has ever had. We’ve undergone tremendous growth, and, of course, it’s all thanks to our valued customers. We’d like to […]

Holiday Gift Thoughts

Before we know it, we’ll be caught up in the flurry of activity that is the holiday shopping season. Some of us have already made our lists and possibly even begun shopping. Others, like me, will probably be scrambling on Christmas Eve to get those last few items. When I was a kid, lots of […]

It’s a Matter of Taste

We frequently get calls from our customers inquiring as to whether a particular blend has been changed because, to that person, it doesn’t taste right anymore. This may have happened to you, so let’s look at that phenomenon. First of all, sometimes blends do change. The manufacturer may not be able to get the same […]

For the Beginner- Part 1, Packing, Lighting and Smoking

I’m willing to bet that there are more ex-pipe smokers than pipe smokers. The main reason that so many people try smoking a pipe and give it up is because they get the wrong kind of pipe and/or tobacco, and they don’t know how to pack, light and smoke to get the most enjoyment and […]

Overview- Decatur products

4 pipe rest

When I first started selling pipes in my shop, Decatur was the best-known name in pipe furniture. They had a nice assortment of stands, racks, tobacco jars and cabinets, and they were pretty reasonably priced. Then with very little warning, Decatur was gone, and there weren’t many companies left to fill the void. A number […]

The Devil’s in the Details

I’m constantly amazed at pipes that smoke well. Actually, I’m amazed that so many of my pipes smoke well, and , at the same time, are comfortable and attractive. There are a multitude of ways that things could go wrong, that it’s pretty stunning when you realize that it doesn’t happen much more frequently. If the drafthole […]

Pipe Academy: Accessories for Newbies

New Pipe Smoker

One of the most frequently asked questions from new pipe smokers is “What do I need other than a pipe and some tobacco?” Here are some ideas for you. • Pipe cleaners- you should run a pipe cleaner through the pipe after every smoke, and if the tobacco you are smoking tends to smoke wet, […]

Pipe Academy: Cleaning your pipe

estate pipe before cleaning

Cleaning a pipe is, for the most part, a fairly simple task, but it can also get rather involved if more intensive cleaning is required. After finishing a bowl, simply remove the dottle from the chamber by using the spoon-like part of a pipe tools, being careful not to gouge the cake or the wood. […]