Cigar Review – East India Trading Company Hudson Bay

People who know me and are familiar with my tastes in cigars know that I lean toward full-bodied sticks, but that’s not always the case. I can enjoy a broad spectrum of flavor profiles, but the one area that usually falls flat for me are the dead medium-bodied smokes. I don’t know why that is, […]

Two Sides of the Same Coin

So far, I’ve made five pipe blends that contain some cigar leaf. I use it for two reasons- like Maryland, it can help the burning qualities of a too-slow-smoking mixture, and it increases the amount and density of the smoke itself. The most recent was Virginia Memory No. 10 from the Hearth & Home Marquee […]

Cigar Academy: The Ligero Trap

I recently wrote about powerhouse cigars. I’m a real devotee of stogies with a serious kick, and at the center of the fast growth of this genre are ligero tobaccos. We’ve heard the term bandied about quite a bit, and we know that it has to do with spice and strength, but what exactly is […]

Cigar Construction: Where do you fall?

We take premium cigars for granted. If you don’t believe me, just think back to the last time you got a cigar with a blocked draw; I’ll bet you were a little angry. But cigar rollers screw up less often than, say, a baseball umpire or an investment counselor. A roller’s ability to make a […]

Cigar Academy: Cigar Tobacco Types

Cigar tobacco comes in a variety of strains, and vary widely depending upon where they’re grown. Therefore, just because a cigar contains, let’s say, corojo, it means little, as corojo grown in one country might be peppery and spicy and in another quite creamy. Here’s a list of some of the most popular types with […]

Cigar Lingo : LIGERO

For about the last ten to fifteen years, there’s been a distinct movement in the tastes of the American premium cigar enthusiast from the milder, Connecticut-wrapped favorites of the seventies and eighties to the more robust and powerful Nicaraguan and Honduran blockbusters. At the heart of these stronger stogies is something that most cigar smokers […]