Some Random Thoughts About Cigars

Since I’m around them all the time, I don’t really think about all the minutiae when it comes to cigars, so last might when I was looking through our catalog, I was struck by some of the things that the public doesn’t know, but might find interesting. Here are my observations: There were two cigars […]

Throw A Stogie Party

One of the great things about being a cigar smoker is that you eventually wind up with some friends who share the hobby. What better way to enjoy a great evening than to get together with a group of buddies, smoke some cigars, have a few drinks and guy food accompanied by a lot of […]

Cigar Review: Liga Privada #9 Toro

I think the subtitle of this article should be “you’ve never had that before!?” because that is the reaction I have gotten from everyone when they saw what I had in my hand and found out I have not tried it yet. The cigar looks great.  The cap is perfect and the wrapper has a […]

Cigar Trivia

One of the problems with trivia is that a lot of it is apocryphal or outright lies. Some trivia sounds so intriguing that we want it to be true because it has an air of romance or strangeness about it. Such is the case with the first item on my list: the origin of the […]