No Matter Which Way You Slice it

We’re getting ready to head out to Chicago for the show, but a customer made an observation earlier today which made me think that this topic would be a good one for Talking Tobacco, so I’m going to address the different cuts used in pipe tobaccos. The main reason there are different cuts is because […]

The Little Brand That Could

Almost ten years ago, I was asked to make some blends for our pipe club to try. The feedback was so positive that we put them in jars and began to sell them in the store. They sold so well that we put them on the website, and Hearth & Home was born. The original […]

Selecting a Pipe Lighter

My opinion, for a long time, is that wooden matches are the best way to light a pipe. The flame is cooler, which can help get the best flavor out of the tobacco, and you have better control of the flame (as long as there’s little air movement). But for most of us, carrying around […]