A Great Team

We’re at the end of Customer Appreciation Week for PipesandCigars.com. In 2013, we decided to thank our loyal customers by having a special sale on August 20th, which is six months from International Pipe Smoking Day. The response to that day was phenomenal.So, a couple of months ago, we had a meeting to discuss the […]

Of Corn Cobs, Knights and Time.

We recently realized that we haven’t done anything on Talking Tobacco for a while. We’re going to address that now, and you’ll be seeing new content frequently. Why the absence? Over the last 13 months, we’ve completely rebuilt our website, which was necessary because, in many ways, we were outgrowing the old one. When I […]

Did you miss out on the IPSD 2012 blend? More on the way called Cerberus!

As we have previously reported, we completely sold through 100 tins of our International Pipe Smoking Day 2012 Blend in less than a day. This was unprecedented in the history of the Hearth & Home brand, even eclipsing the introduction of BlackHouse after winning the 2011 Balkan Sobranie 759 Throwdown. When it was first blended, […]

UPCA and IPSD. Alphabet Soup, Anyone?

OMG, I need more MPG from my SUV, ASAP! We’ve become inundated with acronyms, and especially with text messaging shorthand, they’re becoming more pervasive by the day. There are two, however, that I enjoy talking about- UPCA (United Pipe Clubs of America) and IPSD (International Pipe Smoking Day), and since I’m the one writing this […]