My love of pipes goes back to when I was a lad. It was a time when smoking, in general, was more accepted.  The use of pipes and cigars was more prevalent in society, overall. I can recall many a time being entranced by a particular aroma emanating from some gent’s pipe. I also found that […]

The Curiosity of Favorite Pipes

All pipe smokers have favorite pipes, but the curiosity about these pipes is that we often can’t explain why a pipe is a favorite. I have a GBD Celebrity saddle bit straight apple that I smoke regularly and it has never given me a bad smoke. It’s a dark stained pipe, doesn’t have stellar graining […]

These orphans of the pipe world need to be adopted.

If you’re unsure about buying an estate pipe that’s been smoked by another, read about the process that pipes go through when we clean them up for sale. Save yourself some money and watch your pipe collection grow by learning about estate pipes. Includes photos of the clean up process to bring older pipes back to life.