Summer is Upon Us!

The temperature is going to be in the high 80’s and low 90’s this week and I have already picked out my pipes and cigars for the week. When it is humid out I like to smoke smaller cigars and pipes with smaller bowls. I feel like the shorter the smoke, the less chance of […]

Some Observations on Cigars

I enjoy cigars and have for almost 40 years. But being in the business, and especially since my focus turned to blending pipe tobaccos, I’ve become more analytical about them and have noticed some things that have changed my perspective. With the trend moving toward larger ring gauges, there’s seems to be a common conception […]

Like Fingernails on a Blackboard

Actually, someone scraping their nails across a blackboard doesn’t really bother me, but there are plenty of things that do. so I thought that I’d present some to you to see if you agree. One thing that drives me nuts is when I buy a cigar that hasn’t been properly stored. Our entire humidor (which […]

Cigar Review – Diesel Uncut


Since I prefer full-bodied cigars, it was a no-brainer for me to grab some of the new Diesel Uncut Toros when they hit our shelves. Pretty much anything that comes out of A.J. Fernandez’ factory in Esteli, Nicaragua trips my trigger, so I looked forward to opening the paper-wrapped mazo of ten 6.5 x52 cigars. […]

Road Trippin’

Most people may not realize this, but Pennsylvania is very tobacco friendly. The area we are in is able to support a number of tobacco related shops including cigar retailers, cigar/cigarette shops and a tobacconist. I bet you are thinking, “But Adriene, why shop there when you can get the newest and the best from […]

Cigar Review – East India Trading Company Hudson Bay


People who know me and are familiar with my tastes in cigars know that I lean toward full-bodied sticks, but that’s not always the case. I can enjoy a broad spectrum of flavor profiles, but the one area that usually falls flat for me are the dead medium-bodied smokes. I don’t know why that is, […]

Some Quick Fixes for Pipe Smokers

Pipes can be fickle. Stems will often be too loose or too tight. Burnouts are another big issue, and because people bite down on the stem, dents and holes can occur. Luckily, some of these things can be dealt with at home, so I’ll give you some ideas that you can try. Loose stems are […]

Cigar Review – Man O’ War Immortal


I love the fact that I get to try all the new cigars when they come in. Now, granted, I don’t always enjoy each one, but I need to try them if I’m going to write copy for the website, so I savor the ones that are in my wheelhouse, and the ones that aren’t […]

My Tobacco Loves Extend to Cigars


With all the amazing pipe tobaccos we sometimes forget the second part of the name of our business.  Before coming to, I had been working in the tobacco industry for a couple of years with another company, but totally focused on cigars. Cigars: the other amazing method of receiving yummy tobacco goodness. While I […]

Tobacco Acquisition

I’ve said it before. I love tobacco.  English, aromatic, Balkans, VaPers; I love it all. I am partial to Lane Leo, which is based on the old John Cotton blend, and the fresh release of Lane’s Crown Achievement. But then there are some great aromatics like Drew Estate’s 7th Avenue Blonde, Russ’s Spring Training, and […]