5 Things The Cigar Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Know!

Some of your cigars might need some aging after purchase to achieve optimum flavors Obviously sitting on product can get expensive, and additionally, when a brand is popular there is a lot of pressure on the manufacturer’s to get them on the shelf as quickly as possible. However, sometimes tobacco needs to age for extended […]

How to Do a Cigar Tasting

When trying a cigar for the first time, I don’t usually smoke and drink as I normally would. My intent is to get the true flavor and aroma, so I try to arrange things to keep my palate clean. The first thing, obviously, is to select the cigar. Once you know what the approximate strength […]

Ideas on Cigar and Beverage Pairings Part Two

In part one, I explained my theory on cigar and beverage pairings and used some examples to illustrate. In this entry, I’m going to address using beverages to enhance a cigar tasting. When you’re doing a cigar sampling at a store event, during a herf, or otherwise, the most important thing is to make sure […]

Ideas on Cigar and Beverage Pairings Part One

Pairing cigars and drinks is a subject that I deal with on a regular basis, even having been invited by a college culinary arts program to address their students about the matter. I guess the reason that people ask me to speak or write about pairings is that I’ve formulated an approach that’s fairly easy to understand.