Getting Started Making Pipes

I’ve never made a pipe, myself, but I know plenty of pipe makers, and each one uses slightly different methods. For most people, especially for those without a well-equipped workshop, the easiest way to try your hand at making a pipe is to buy a hobby block. These are pre-drilled briar blocks that have a […]

Of Fills and Flaws

There’s an ongoing debate about fills in briar pipes. Many people won’t buy a pipe with any kind of fill. To clarify, a fill is when there’s a flaw in the outside of a (mostly) finished pipe that has been filled in with a putty or a mixture of briar dust and glue. Does putting […]

Our friends at Meerschaum Depot

When I started at P&C one of the first vendors that I met with was our good friends at Meerschaum Depot pipes. I could tell we were going to have a great working relationship as soon as I met them. During our first meeting we got to know each other, and now when they come to visit, it […]

Pipe Engineering

On the surface, a pipe seems like it should be fairly simple to make properly if you have the right equipment, but it’s a lot more difficult than it seems. Just about every pipe enthusiast has had a real clunker of a pipe. Usually that means that the pipe smokes wet, smokes hot or just […]

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Labor Day has just passed, and that means that the sun will be setting earlier, the evenings will become a bit chilly, but the daytime will be just about perfect for being outdoors. It’s still warm enough not to need a sweater or jacket, but it’s usually not brutally hot. Of course, as I write […]

The Details Count

I get to see a lot of pipes throughout the day here at P&C, I mean a lot. Whether it’s going through estate pipes or measuring pipes or receiving in new inventory. It gives me a chance to inspect a wide variety of pipes from factory made to artisan. Some pipes surprise me and some pipes disappoint […]

Pipe Review- Kaywoodie Sterling

Among the broad variety of pipe brands, Kaywoodie holds a very special place. Back in the fifties, it was so well respected, that in many stores, Kaywoodie sold for a higher price than Dunhill. As time went on, their most popular models were the lower priced ones, and so Kaywoodie became more of a mainstream […]

Pipe Academy: Another Look at Briar

Briar is a remarkable wood, but it has to do with more than just the beauty of the grain. What makes briar a superb material for pipes has a lot to do with where it comes from. First off, briar is not a tree, it’s the subterranean burl of the white heath (or heather) tree. […]

Why Are Pipes Made of Briar and Not Something Else?

For anyone living in the last hundred years or so, when a smoking pipe comes to mind, the image is almost certainly is that of a briar pipe. But what is briar, where does it come from and why has it become the most popular material for making a pipe? Briar is the burlwood of […]

Breaking In a Variety of Smoking Pipes

I’ve written about new pipe break-in a number of times, but this time I’m not only going to address how to do so, but also that different pipe materials change the break-in procedure. Please remember that the following is just the personal opinion of a delusional mind; your mileage may vary. Breaking In Briar Pipes […]