The Torture

For the past few months I’ve been the bane of everyone’s existence in the office. Not because of my bubbly personality, bluntness, or how I am unable to sit still for very long; but because I have been sick! When your allergies turn for the worse and you are unable to smoke or be around […]

An Old Tobacco Finds the Spotlight

There haven’t been new types of tobaccos on the pipe side of the business for a while. I don’t mean that there haven’t been new blends. I’m referring to types of leaf that go into the blends. The last one that comes to mind was the development of the main component of McClelland’s Royal Cajun […]

It Stretches Credulity

The title of this post is a paraphrase from Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean Part 3. The fundamental meaning is that the subject is very hard to believe. And, trust me, this one still makes me shake my head. Back in May of 2011, I was fortunate enough to have my entry in […]