The Little Brand That Could

Almost ten years ago, I was asked to make some blends for our pipe club to try. The feedback was so positive that we put them in jars and began to sell them in the store. They sold so well that we put them on the website, and Hearth & Home was born. The original […]


It’s pretty amazing to me to hear people talking about things from the past that they miss. A number of times I’ll hear somebody waxing nostalgic about a product or even a person, and I distinctly remember them complaining about the item or the person when they were around. In the pipe and cigar world […]

Hearth & Home Marquee Viprati is Here !!!!!!!

My favorite tobacco is finally available for sale! For the last few months I have smoked the new H&H Marquee Viprati almost constantly. I have raved to all that would listen that this is the best Virginia/Perique blend I have smoked and I think it is one of Russ’ finest blends. He let me have a […]

An Old Tobacco Finds the Spotlight

There haven’t been new types of tobaccos on the pipe side of the business for a while. I don’t mean that there haven’t been new blends. I’m referring to types of leaf that go into the blends. The last one that comes to mind was the development of the main component of McClelland’s Royal Cajun […]

Secret Blend

I am not sure if I should really post this today, but I have to let you know about a new tobacco that Russ is working on. It is a very top secret project so I cannot give a lot of details. Let’s just say Russ has hit another homerun.  The blend was made for […]

It Stretches Credulity

The title of this post is a paraphrase from Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean Part 3. The fundamental meaning is that the subject is very hard to believe. And, trust me, this one still makes me shake my head. Back in May of 2011, I was fortunate enough to have my entry in […]

Our Tobacco Year in Review and Looking to the Future of Tobacco

Like many people, I have my grumble period. You know the feeling- you just have one of those days where everything goes wrong and you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, so you go around with your head down, grumbling to yourself. Of course, grumbling, whining and moaning is a waste of time. I’m […]

The Origin of Blackhouse Pipe Tobacco

Since we were fortunate enough to win the Balkan Sobranie 759 Throwdown at the 2011 Chicagoland Pipe and Tobacciana Show, I’ve had a number of phone calls, emails and conversations about the contest, so this seems like a good place to write about it. I believe that it was early March of this year (maybe […]