The Importance of Pipe Tobacco Maintenance

Some people are very concerned about the moisture levels of their pipe tobacco, while for others it’s an afterthought. The degree of impact that the moisture level has will depend on a number of factors, including the smoker. To begin with, the initial humidity level of pipe tobacco tends to be in the range of […]

Could You Smoke Only One Blend?

If you could only smoke one pipe tobacco, what would it be? I do not think I can answer that question because I enjoy too many blends. I started smoking English blends and I stuck with them for years. There was a time when I thought I found the blend that I would smoke forever. It […]


When I started working for a little over ten years ago, I was asked to put together a few tobacco blends to see if people would want to buy them. The result was the beginning of our Hearth & Home line, which has grown far bigger than I would have ever expected. Many of […]

VR Blend

You always know it is going to be a good day when you are tirelessly working on getting estate pipes online and Russ places a brick of tobacco on your desk and says “try this, it has been in the press for about two weeks.”  Well, I guess I knew what my first bowl of […]

The new Dunhill Durbar

We just received a few samples of the new Dunhill Durbar. This was an exciting day because Durbar is one of my favorite tobaccos. I purchased a bunch of tins when I first started smoking a pipe and I am glad I did. I open a tin every once in a while and enjoy it until […]

Virginia Night

Virginia Night, oh Virginia Night. This is one of my favorite tobaccos at the moment and it will give you a good idea of how spectacular Virginia blends can be. There is a depth of sweetness that I have never experienced in any other blend, and I have smoked a lot of Virginias. Virginia Night is […]

Pipe Tobacco: Aging Gracefully

Many pipe smokers have discovered the advantages of aging tobaccos, knowing that certain blends benefit greatly by being stored for an extended period of time. It’s a little more complicated than just tossing some tins in the cellar and waiting a couple years to pop them open, so I’m going to help you learn how […]

Additives in Pipe Tobacco

Just as the actions of a few bad apples in a large group can taint the public conception of all its members, due to the revelations about some of the substances used in the manufacture of cigarettes, people seem to believe that the additives used in pipe tobaccos are similarly harmful. The truth is, beside […]

Pipe Tobacco Academy: Aging Pipe Tobacco

I’ve written about this subject before, most notably on our website, Pipes and (here’s a link: But I’ve gotten so many requests to go into more details, so here I go. Much of what I’m going to write here is my opinion, so you may find your experiences are different than my own. […]

Pipe Tobacco Academy: Tobacco Cellars – The why and how of it

Many pipe smokers have discovered the advantages of aging tobaccos, knowing that, over time, certain blends benefit greatly by being stored for an extended period of time. The first issue is to determine which types of tobaccos will become better with aging. One certainty is that unflavored or lightly flavored Virginia blends will show the […]