Tobacco in the News

Tobacco in the news – Weekly Wrap Up


One of our goals here at the Talking Tobacco Blog is to keep informed on all matters tobacco related… and to pass on everything we find that may be of interest. Tobacco Bans in the news UC Campuses To Institute Strict Tobacco Ban The University of California will ban smoking and tobacco products from all 10 […]

Tobacco Treasures from across the Web

Roly Poly Tindeco Tobacco Tins

Tobacco Tins have become antique collectibles Visit the original post here to view more examples of these vintage unique tobacco tins! In my effort to find interesting tobacco related news, I found this great post about antique tobacco tins. I’ve never seen these in person, but the pictures still sent me back to the days […]

Here Goes Fusion Lab

Fusion Lab lets you develop your own pipe tobacco blends

A little while ago, the E-Commerce Manager here at had a revelation (no, not the pipe tobacco). Everyone who smokes a pipe probably has an idea of what the perfect blend would be (at least for him or herself), but there’s been few options for experimentation. Bob’s thought was to make all of the […]