Fine Pipes by Gubbels

Today I’d like to talk about pipes. I not only love to smoke and collect them, but love the romance and the history .  I appreciate the tradition of it all, from the cultivation of tobacco and the use of clay pipes , the development of corn cobs, the long usage of meerschaum , to the […]

A Long Time Coming

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been making Hearth & Home tobaccos for ten years now. It doesn’t seem possible, but more than 80 blends later, 2015 has arrived. About five years ago, I started investigating the possibility of adding a line of pipes to the Hearth & Home brand. Some pipes I found were […]

My old GBD

I once had a mental misstep and I sold a few of my pipes. Not sure why, since I did not need the money at the time, but I did it anyway. There are a few pipes that I miss but there was a particular GBD bent that I really missed. After I sold them I did […]

The Details Count

I get to see a lot of pipes throughout the day here at P&C, I mean a lot. Whether it’s going through estate pipes or measuring pipes or receiving in new inventory. It gives me a chance to inspect a wide variety of pipes from factory made to artisan. Some pipes surprise me and some pipes disappoint […]

Pipe Review- Kaywoodie Sterling

Among the broad variety of pipe brands, Kaywoodie holds a very special place. Back in the fifties, it was so well respected, that in many stores, Kaywoodie sold for a higher price than Dunhill. As time went on, their most popular models were the lower priced ones, and so Kaywoodie became more of a mainstream […]

Big Retirement Announcement at P&C

Well fine readers of Talking Tobacco, I have a retirement to report. After many years of dedicated service and loyalty I am forced to make the sad announcement. No it is not master blender Russ Ouellette who is retiring, it is sadly my first pipe, an Armellini ¼ bent bulldog. This pipe has been a constant […]

Corn Cob Time

I am ashamed to admit this, but I have never smoked a corn cob. The only reason I can think of is I just never thought about it. I have my briars and meerschaums and I was happy with them. Well, I am going to change that. I have had a few on my desk […]