Fusilier’s Ration – The Revolution is at Hand

Russ Ouellette, Hearth & Home Master Blender

It’s taken well over three years of planning in my underground lair, plotting with my co-conspirators and we’re finally ready to launch our revolution. Imagine, if you will, reaching many years into the past and looking at yourself reveling in the most enjoyable pipe tobacco you ever had. It sends your mind reeling, your salivary […]

Pipe Tobacco Review: McClelland Stave-Aged 35 Virginia Ribbon

McClelland Stave-Aged 35 Virginia Ribbon

I don’t smoke a lot of pipe tobacco; I would definitely consider myself a cigar guy all around. Forgive me if this reads like a cigar review.  I do love English blends for some reason, and have shied away from the aromatics and VaPers, although I have tried a few I like and some that […]

Jack’s Blind Rewiew #3: The results


It a bit of confusion, it looks like I let the contest go on a few days longer that it was supposed to.  We did get another winner of some free tobacco however!  Congratulations to Gianni for guessing McClellend 620 Mocha Black as the mystery tobacco this time. I was always very curious as to […]

Jack’s Blind Review #3


Hello there fellow pipers (and pipettes?) It was great to see that we had a winner on the Blind Review #2. Dustin, you nailed it, plain and simple! I’d also like to tell you that I welcome any and all of your feedback on the reviews. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward […]

Jack’s Blind Review #2 – The Results


With over a dozen guesses this time around, it looks like our Blind Review feature is off to a great start! Jack himself was not quite able to nail down which blend he was smoking, but how did our readers fare? Congratulations to Dustin Wyatt, who correctly guessed Cornell & Diehl After Hours as the mystery blend […]

Jack’s Blind Review #2

Jack Mystery 2

Greetings! I wanted to mention how pleased I am with the number of guesses on the Solani Festival from our first blind review.  I’m sorry that no one won the tin, but you still have a chance by guessing on this new review. Jason provided me with a new sample, assuring me that it was a tinned […]

Jack’s Blind Review #1

Jack's Blind Pipe Tobacco Review

Greetings, fellow pipe-guys and ladies. I’m Jack. Some of us know each other already, and to those that don’t, I hope we can become friends.  And here’s my review of a sack of tobacco that Jason handed me, labeled: Jack’s Blind Review. When I first looked at the bag and smelled it through the plastic, […]

Jack’s Blind Review – The Concept

Jack's Blind Pipe Tobacco Review

It occurred to us that we have not given out anything free to our readers in a while (or ever).  So what do you think about this: After kicking around a few ideas it occurred to us that we need to provide a contest to our readers, so here we go. One of our more […]

Pipe Tobacco Review – Peppermint Patty Kake


In the absence of Russ, we have had to come up with a plan for his tobaccos and their production.  That has led to some experimenting in the laboratory.  I am trying the take 2 creation of Beau who is doing a lot of work in the lab under the guidance of Russ.  His latest […]

Pipe Tobacco Announcement and Review – Royal Blunder

Hearth and Home Tobacco Royal Blunder

Recently I have been tasked with the honor of crafting the Hearth and Home line of tobacco. In Russ’ absence I have blended, verbatim the exact recipes that our Master Blender has created to follow as a shadow in his footsteps. I can only hope that no one has noticed any difference as that was […]