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Pipe Tobacco: Aging Gracefully


Many pipe smokers have discovered the advantages of aging tobaccos, knowing that certain blends benefit greatly by being stored for an extended period of time. It’s a little more complicated than just tossing some tins in the cellar and waiting a couple years to pop them open, so I’m going to help you learn how […]

The Process

With a great new area to work in and all the resources I need, it’s time for me to switch gears and get back to my Laboratory of Doom ® and begin to develop some new tobaccos. While I’m working on some of these items, I figured that it might be interesting to take you […]

The Disrespected Tobacco Chamber

As pipe smokers and/or collectors, we pay a lot of attention to grain for smooth pipes or ring grain for sandblasts or the type and execution of rustication. We all have certain preferences for stain colors and finishes. Some people have distinct likes and dislikes for stem types, colors and materials. And we’re not even […]

Tongue Bite in Pipe Smokers

Tongue Bite is a fairly common problem among pipe smokers; even veteran smokers can experience it from time to time. Aromatics tend to be the biggest villains when it comes to tongue bite. They tend to be very moist and burn hot, which produces very hot steam, which is the root cause of tongue bite. […]

Some Cold Weather Smoking Tips

Pipe smoking snowman

For those of you who live in Florida, the deep Southwest, southern California and Hawaii, ignore this information. For those of you who live elsewhere in the United States, these tips are for you, after you get done mumbling curses under your breath directed toward the people who live in those warmer regions. Obviously, if […]

Holiday Shopping for Pipe and Cigar Smokers

Russ enjoys a smoke

At the holidays, we all want to bring enjoyment to the people we give presents to (and, yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition). But when selecting gift having to do with the recipient’s hobby, you wade into murky waters. So these are some suggestions to help you avoid some of the pitfalls when […]

The Revolution Has Landed…On Us!

Recently I wrote about the launch of our newest Hearth & Home blend, Fusilier’s Ration. It took a long time to come to fruition and I had great hopes for this new product but… We put a little teaser up on the site a week before the release date and we got a good deal […]

Additives in Pipe Tobacco


Just as the actions of a few bad apples in a large group can taint the public conception of all its members, due to the revelations about some of the substances used in the manufacture of cigarettes, people seem to believe that the additives used in pipe tobaccos are similarly harmful. The truth is, beside […]

What’s The Deal With Latakia?

A close up of C&D Pirate Kake, a blend with Latakia.

Latakia is one of the most famous pipe tobacco components, but it’s definitely a love-it or hate-it thing. For some people, it’s the elixir of the gods and for others it’s foul, rank and acrid. No matter how you feel about it, Latakia is a staple and a lot of people are curious about it […]

Your Ideal Pipe Tobacco Blend

Hearth and Home pipe tobacco new blend

I love my job. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it a thousand times again. If I could have created something to make my life’s work 37 years ago, this would be it. It took me a while to finally find it, and it took a combination of past experience, a decent knowledge […]