Pipe Profiles

Winging My Way Home

Here's Palace Station, home to the 2012 West Coast Pipe Show

I’m sitting in McCarron International Airport waiting for our flight to board and I’m still buzzing from this weekend. The show went really well and we caught up with lots of friends, and made a bunch of new ones. Slice O’ Gold, our newest blend (a Virginia/dark-fired cake with a deep fruit essence) was really […]

The Curiosity of Favorite Pipes


All pipe smokers have favorite pipes, but the curiosity about these pipes is that we often can’t explain why a pipe is a favorite. I have a GBD Celebrity saddle bit straight apple that I smoke regularly and it has never given me a bad smoke. It’s a dark stained pipe, doesn’t have stellar graining […]

Pipe Academy: Another Look at Briar

White Heath Tree

Briar is a remarkable wood, but it has to do with more than just the beauty of the grain. What makes briar a superb material for pipes has a lot to do with where it comes from. First off, briar is not a tree, it’s the subterranean burl of the white heath (or heather) tree. […]

Pipe Academy- Pipe Finishes

Graco pipe with sandblast finish

Each of us has a pipe finish that attracts us. Some love grain to “pop”, so they may like a smooth, polished surface with a contrast staining that makes the grain truly stand out. Lots of people really like the rough and rocky look of a coral rustication. For myself, there’s nothing like a deep, […]

How Bowl Geometry Affects Your Smoking Pipes

Wide chamber pipes like this pot shaped Baccara produce more smoke

Just about everyone who has smoked a pipe for any length of time has found a pipe/tobacco combination that really works incredibly well together. Likewise, most of us have found a pairing that makes us want to throw both the pipe and the blend in the trash. What causes these occurrences and how can one […]

Selecting a Tobacco Pipe Based on How You Smoke

Selecting a Pipe Based on How You Smoke

When selecting a pipe, generally the first criterion will be whether you like the appearance or not. If the shape appeals to you but the finish isn’t what you’re looking for, the shape becomes immaterial. If the staining, the grain, the sandblasting or rustication aren’t your cup of tea, the quality of the pipe, who […]

Pipe Tobacco Review [Video] Dunhill Night Cap

Pipe Tobacco [Video] Review: Dunhill Nightcap

A video review of the pipe tobacco “Nightcap” by Dunhill by cutlerylover on YouTube. Using his Savinelli Churchwarden pipe, Jeff takes you from tin opening through post-smoke. Watch his first reactions to this English style pipe tobacco with a ‘punch’ of latakia.

Pipe Review [Video] Savinelli Miele (Smooth Honey Dublin)

Pipe Review Video Savinelli Miele Honey Doublin

As a weekend treat, we’re sharing a pipe review video by “cutlerylover”, who smoked this pipe in the tobacco review for Orlik Golden Sliced. This video is more of a report on the pipe itself, including the presentation, packaging and accessories (gotta love the honey dipper tamper!)… There are 11 pipe shapes in this line, all of which are infused with the sweet aroma of Golden Honey and come in a sealed pouch . These pipes accept (but do not require) the Savinelli 6mm Balsa filter system.

Pipe Review [Video] Savanelli Churchwarden (Black Sandblasted Billiard)

Italian Churchwarden Pipe gift set

Our friend Jeff, aka “CutleryLover” on YouTube celebrated International Pipe Smoking Day by recording a video review of the Savanelli Churchwarden black sandblast billiard pipe. You get to see everything from packaging (there’s a “How to enjoy smoking a pipe” insert that comes in the box), through handling and experience while smoking. The one thing […]

These orphans of the pipe world need to be adopted.

Estate pipe before and after

If you’re unsure about buying an estate pipe that’s been smoked by another, read about the process that pipes go through when we clean them up for sale. Save yourself some money and watch your pipe collection grow by learning about estate pipes. Includes photos of the clean up process to bring older pipes back to life.