Does Country of Origin Make a Difference in Cigar Tobacco?

The country of origin can be an indicator of the type of cigar you are smoking. But to make a blanket statement such as “All Dominican cigars are mild” would be wildly inaccurate. What we will address here is the general tendencies of tobaccos from different regions; just bear in mind that these are very […]

Slow Down for a Cooler Smoke

This has been an interesting year for me, with Hearth & Home now being wholesaled to other vendors, the introduction of our Landmark and Marquee series, the Throwdown win in Chicago and the overall growth of Hearth & Home. Add to that all the traveling I’ve done for pipe shows and the writing I’ve been […]

US Military Count on Pipe Smoking as Essential Therapy While Serving in the Middle East

I am not a tremendous reader of books. My attention span for these activities is not something I was born with. My reading at this point is basically limited to our trade publications, computing, programming and networking so I can stay ahead of the changes that affect P&C now and in the future. I will admit […]

Pipe Tobacco Academy: Aging Pipe Tobaccos

A lot of people have discovered that aging pipe tobacco can make for a more pleasurable smoking experience, but, as with many things about pipes and tobaccos, there are a number of misconceptions and a lot of misinformation out there, so let’s look at some thoughts about aging tobacco. First, what kind of pipe tobaccos […]