The Little Brand That Could

Almost ten years ago, I was asked to make some blends for our pipe club to try. The feedback was so positive that we put them in jars and began to sell them in the store. They sold so well that we put them on the website, and Hearth & Home was born. The original […]

As the Year Winds Down…

If it seems that I’ve been among the missing, it’s only because I’ve been involved with a lot of projects that have kept me very occupied. 2014, by far, will be the best year has ever had. We’ve undergone tremendous growth, and, of course, it’s all thanks to our valued customers. We’d like to […]

The New Dark Strong Kentucky

I have waited very impatiently for the new samples to arrive. I have fond memories of Dark Strong and enjoyed every tin that I smoked, which was quite a few. The last time I smoked a tin was right before it was discontinued. I purchased a tin and smoked it non-stop until it was gone. […]

I’ll Be Back…

If you think Santa and his elves have been busy this holiday season wait until you see what we have in the works. It’s not everyday that you can announce something like this. We have been listening to our P&C faithful ask repeatedly for the return of Orlik’s Dark Strong Kentucky.  Well, after working closely with the […]

Hearth & Home Marquee Viprati is Here !!!!!!!

My favorite tobacco is finally available for sale! For the last few months I have smoked the new H&H Marquee Viprati almost constantly. I have raved to all that would listen that this is the best Virginia/Perique blend I have smoked and I think it is one of Russ’ finest blends. He let me have a […]

My Cup Overflows

If you’re anything like me, you’re much happier when you’re busy. The day flies by, and you can really enjoy whatever you do for recreation and relaxation when the day is through. This job has always kept me hopping, but the last year has seen that increase immensely and I couldn’t be happier. Up until […]

Delivering the Goods

Our name is, but we’re probably better known for the incredible selection of products we carry on the pipe side of the business, along with the low prices and frequent bargains we offer. We recently realized that we haven’t paid enough attention to the cigar side, so, of course, I opened my stupid mouth […]

Taking One (or Many) for the Team

When I go to a pipe show, or when I get emails and phone calls, a common comment is “You have a great job, getting to try all the new tobaccos and cigars.” I most definitely agree with the first part of that statement, but as to the second part…well, it depends. The department to […]

Pipe Tobacco and Big Business

We were talking here recently about why smaller boutique brands have been thriving in the pipe tobacco category while some of the mass-market brands are stagnant or declining, and one reason seems readily apparent. For boutique manufacturers and larger companies who make pipe tobacco and little else, pipe tobacco is very important to their survival. […]

Two Sides of the Same Coin

So far, I’ve made five pipe blends that contain some cigar leaf. I use it for two reasons- like Maryland, it can help the burning qualities of a too-slow-smoking mixture, and it increases the amount and density of the smoke itself. The most recent was Virginia Memory No. 10 from the Hearth & Home Marquee […]