Some Cold Weather Smoking Tips

For those of you who live in Florida, the deep Southwest, southern California and Hawaii, ignore this information. For those of you who live elsewhere in the United States, these tips are for you, after you get done mumbling curses under your breath directed toward the people who live in those warmer regions. Obviously, if […]

The Revolution Has Landed…On Us!

Recently I wrote about the launch of our newest Hearth & Home blend, Fusilier’s Ration. It took a long time to come to fruition and I had great hopes for this new product but… We put a little teaser up on the site a week before the release date and we got a good deal […]

Fusilier’s Ration – The Revolution is at Hand

It’s taken well over three years of planning in my underground lair, plotting with my co-conspirators and we’re finally ready to launch our revolution. Imagine, if you will, reaching many years into the past and looking at yourself reveling in the most enjoyable pipe tobacco you ever had. It sends your mind reeling, your salivary […]

Additives in Pipe Tobacco

Just as the actions of a few bad apples in a large group can taint the public conception of all its members, due to the revelations about some of the substances used in the manufacture of cigarettes, people seem to believe that the additives used in pipe tobaccos are similarly harmful. The truth is, beside […]

Craig Tarler joins other Broken Pipes

It is with much sadness that I report to you that one of the great men in our industry has passed on. Craig Tarler founded Cornell & Diehl in 1990, and over the last 20+ years he blended and manufactured some of the best tobacco in the business. From his humble beginnings in a garage-sized […]

Pipe Tobacco Review: McClelland Stave-Aged 35 Virginia Ribbon

I don’t smoke a lot of pipe tobacco; I would definitely consider myself a cigar guy all around. Forgive me if this reads like a cigar review.  I do love English blends for some reason, and have shied away from the aromatics and VaPers, although I have tried a few I like and some that […]

Cigar Academy: The Ligero Trap

I recently wrote about powerhouse cigars. I’m a real devotee of stogies with a serious kick, and at the center of the fast growth of this genre are ligero tobaccos. We’ve heard the term bandied about quite a bit, and we know that it has to do with spice and strength, but what exactly is […]

UPCA and IPSD. Alphabet Soup, Anyone?

OMG, I need more MPG from my SUV, ASAP! We’ve become inundated with acronyms, and especially with text messaging shorthand, they’re becoming more pervasive by the day. There are two, however, that I enjoy talking about- UPCA (United Pipe Clubs of America) and IPSD (International Pipe Smoking Day), and since I’m the one writing this […]

The Origin of Blackhouse Pipe Tobacco

Since we were fortunate enough to win the Balkan Sobranie 759 Throwdown at the 2011 Chicagoland Pipe and Tobacciana Show, I’ve had a number of phone calls, emails and conversations about the contest, so this seems like a good place to write about it. I believe that it was early March of this year (maybe […]