The Growing Fascination with Dark-Fired Kentucky

When I introduced BlackHouse in 2011, it included a small amount of dark-fired Kentucky. It was only the second blend that I had made with it, and I always treated it (and still do) as a condimental tobacco. I knew of Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky and Peter Heinrich’s Dark Strong Flake as being fairly stout […]

The Cigar Valley

Pipes & Cigars was started up in Albany New York but moved to Bethlehem Pennsylvania a few years ago. I joined the company when they moved down here and have loved it ever since. You see, I grew up in Bethlehem. I went to school here and lived and worked here all my life. Bethlehem […]

The T.A.P.S. Show

I go to a fair number of pipe shows, and each one has its own personality. This weekend I’ll be going to Raleigh, NC for the T.A.P.S. Expo which is held at the state fairgrounds. I really enjoy this show for a few reasons. The friendly, laid-back atmosphere – The venue isn’t very large, but […]

Packaging Quandaries

One of the toughest things in making new pipe tobacco blends is packaging, and I’m not just referring to artwork. Making decisions on how we’re going to present a product hinges on a number of factors. For Hearth & Home Marquee and my RO Series, we’ve gone with vacuum-sealed 50 gram tins. The reason is that […]

New Item – Argo Pipes

During one of our brainstorming sessions, we batted around the idea of creating a new brand of pipes with some very specific characteristics. First off, these pipes had to be great smokers. Now I know that seems obvious, but we wanted the pipes made in a way to deliver a smoke like that of a […]

Rebel against Fat Cigars! Try a Lancero!

Ok folks, it is time to get over yourselves and check your egos at the door and try smoking a Lancero size cigar. I just don’t get the fascination with large ring gauge cigars in this country. There is no reason to be smoking a 60, 70, or 80 ring gauge cigar unless you’re Andre […]

Newark Pipe Show Here We Come

We are heading to Newark this weekend and we could not be more excited. This is a show that brings together the collectors from the Northeast. The weather is going to be nice and the trip there will be fun. Russ, Dan and I will be attending the show. We are bringing along a few goodies […]

A Long Time Coming

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been making Hearth & Home tobaccos for ten years now. It doesn’t seem possible, but more than 80 blends later, 2015 has arrived. About five years ago, I started investigating the possibility of adding a line of pipes to the Hearth & Home brand. Some pipes I found were […]

Cigar Review – Man O’ War Immortal

I love the fact that I get to try all the new cigars when they come in. Now, granted, I don’t always enjoy each one, but I need to try them if I’m going to write copy for the website, so I savor the ones that are in my wheelhouse, and the ones that aren’t […]

Protecting our freedom to smoke

One of the best parts of my job here at Pipes & Cigars is getting to communicate with the very diverse group of people our customers are on a daily basis. I find it an especially great privilege to talk to our active duty servicemen and women. That is why I want my first post […]