Meerschaum Depot Pipes

Today is the 5th day of our 25 days of Christmas sale and we are busy. Our pickers are pulling their hair out and I think they are ready for the company Christmas party. Today we are highlighting our good friends at Meerschaum Depot. We have expanded the line to include Santa pipes, Cased Sets and Clown pipes […]

Savinelli St. Nicholas pipes @

Just a quick note for Savinelli fans – The 2014 St. Nicholas pipes have landed and are available for sale at P&C. These dark rusticated pipes have a special green and red trim ring, as a tribute to Santa. Our supply is limited, so grab yours while they’re here.

Russ’ December Blend

Picture this, I am working away at my desk and engrossed in a very problematic order. I was puffing away furiously and could feel my tongue slightly sizzle, but I was enjoying my pipe. I was engrossed and something startled me, it was Russ standing behind me  with a baggy of tobacco. He said smell […]

My Icarus Pipe

I was fortunate enough to receive an Icarus pipe from Briar Works and I have to say I have enjoyed it almost every day since receiving it. I smoke it at least once a day and most of the time I smoke it twice, morning and afternoon. Going on four months of heavy smoking I have […]

A Rose by Any Other Name…

In my line of work, there are a number of things that can be really frustrating – bad crop years, orders not arriving on time, endless meetings, etc. But in the subjective realm of pipes and cigars, a frequent area of consternation is terminology. If I were to ask you for a can of Coke, […]

My Cup Overflows

If you’re anything like me, you’re much happier when you’re busy. The day flies by, and you can really enjoy whatever you do for recreation and relaxation when the day is through. This job has always kept me hopping, but the last year has seen that increase immensely and I couldn’t be happier. Up until […]

When Old Pipes Surprise You

I woke up early on Saturday morning and was looking around my box of pipes searching for something new to smoke. I have a good collection, but I find myself gravitating to only a few pipes. These are good smokers and I can count on them to deliver whenever I pack a bowl. I have […]


Have you ever sat by your mailbox and waited for a tobacco or cigar order? I know I have done this way too many times than I would like to admit. I have ordered cigars before and if I did not receive a tracking number, I would start checking the mailbox after about two days. Then I would check […]

What Do I Do?

After today, I’ll be on vacation until next Monday. This is the first time in a few years that I have taken this much time off in one block, except for the period following my surgery, and maybe that’s why I’m not looking forward to this quite as much as I should. While I was […]

Sometimes Tastes Change

I think I have ruined my taste buds by smoking aged 5100 for almost two months now. It has been my morning smoke five days a week and a lot of times my second smoke. I have neglected my favorite super-secret Russ blend for a long time and finally smoked a bowl yesterday because I ran out of […]