Nicotine- Tobacco’s “N” Word

The title of this article is actually a pretty fair statement because it’s the one word that no tobacco company wants to use when talking about their blends. But nicotine is a fact of life if you smoke any form of tobacco. What got me thinking about this was a blog post by my friend […]

Pipe and Cigar Trends

There are trends in just about every arena. If a new and innovative show crops up on TV, you know it won’t be long before a half-dozen “clones” make their way to the small screen. If a wine critic writes glowingly about a dry red wine made with anchovies, by the time the review hits […]

Our Tobacco Year in Review and Looking to the Future of Tobacco

Like many people, I have my grumble period. You know the feeling- you just have one of those days where everything goes wrong and you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, so you go around with your head down, grumbling to yourself. Of course, grumbling, whining and moaning is a waste of time. I’m […]

Prepping pressed, spun or rope tobaccos for smoking

Some very popular tobaccos come in the form of a cake, flake, spun and rope. Preparing them for smoking is an individual thing, but here are some guidelines: Preparing a cake tobacco for smoking These tobaccos are cut tobaccos that have been put under pressure, and are normally sold in slices. The usual way to […]

Enthusiasm builds for new pipe tobacco Magnum Opus

I started smoking a pipe in late 1975, and I went through my “phases” pretty quickly. I went with a red pot “The Pipe”, which was really more like a billiard ball than a pipe, and two pouches of Borkum Riff (it was a package deal). Because Dad was a pipe smoker as well, he […]

The Origin of Blackhouse Pipe Tobacco

Since we were fortunate enough to win the Balkan Sobranie 759 Throwdown at the 2011 Chicagoland Pipe and Tobacciana Show, I’ve had a number of phone calls, emails and conversations about the contest, so this seems like a good place to write about it. I believe that it was early March of this year (maybe […]

Slow Down for a Cooler Smoke

This has been an interesting year for me, with Hearth & Home now being wholesaled to other vendors, the introduction of our Landmark and Marquee series, the Throwdown win in Chicago and the overall growth of Hearth & Home. Add to that all the traveling I’ve done for pipe shows and the writing I’ve been […]

Pipe Tobacco Academy: Aging Pipe Tobaccos

A lot of people have discovered that aging pipe tobacco can make for a more pleasurable smoking experience, but, as with many things about pipes and tobaccos, there are a number of misconceptions and a lot of misinformation out there, so let’s look at some thoughts about aging tobacco. First, what kind of pipe tobaccos […]