Cigar Academy: How to Re-Light a Cigar

Having to relight a cigar after it goes out can be a make or break moment. Typically if a cigar is left to go out, it is a great idea to pass on it and let it die with dignity. Sometimes you just can’t let it go however; it is just that damn good. When that is the case there is a proper way to do it to get the most out of your experience.

Ideas on Cigar and Beverage Pairings Part One

Pairing cigars and drinks is a subject that I deal with on a regular basis, even having been invited by a college culinary arts program to address their students about the matter. I guess the reason that people ask me to speak or write about pairings is that I’ve formulated an approach that’s fairly easy to understand.

Nicotine- Tobacco’s “N” Word

The title of this article is actually a pretty fair statement because it’s the one word that no tobacco company wants to use when talking about their blends. But nicotine is a fact of life if you smoke any form of tobacco. What got me thinking about this was a blog post by my friend […]

Pipe and Cigar Trends

There are trends in just about every arena. If a new and innovative show crops up on TV, you know it won’t be long before a half-dozen “clones” make their way to the small screen. If a wine critic writes glowingly about a dry red wine made with anchovies, by the time the review hits […]

Cigar Academy: Cigar Tobacco Types

Cigar tobacco comes in a variety of strains, and vary widely depending upon where they’re grown. Therefore, just because a cigar contains, let’s say, corojo, it means little, as corojo grown in one country might be peppery and spicy and in another quite creamy. Here’s a list of some of the most popular types with […]

Make Your Next Cigar More Enjoyable

The last column I wrote on this subject was about how to cut and light your cigar, and, when done properly, those things can definitely enhance your enjoyment. This time, I’d like to address something that will direct affect the cigar smoking experience, and that is what to drink while savoring your favorite stick. I’ve […]

Cigar Academy: Cutting & Lighting a Premium Cigar

There really isn’t all that much to properly cutting and lighting a cigar, but if it’s not done properly, the experience can be frustrating. There are a number of options in cutting a cigar. You can straight cut, v-cut (cat’s eye), punch or pierce. The method you choose will be a matter of personal preference. […]

Does Country of Origin Make a Difference in Cigar Tobacco?

The country of origin can be an indicator of the type of cigar you are smoking. But to make a blanket statement such as “All Dominican cigars are mild” would be wildly inaccurate. What we will address here is the general tendencies of tobaccos from different regions; just bear in mind that these are very […]

Cigar Lingo : LIGERO

For about the last ten to fifteen years, there’s been a distinct movement in the tastes of the American premium cigar enthusiast from the milder, Connecticut-wrapped favorites of the seventies and eighties to the more robust and powerful Nicaraguan and Honduran blockbusters. At the heart of these stronger stogies is something that most cigar smokers […]

Slow Down for a Cooler Smoke

This has been an interesting year for me, with Hearth & Home now being wholesaled to other vendors, the introduction of our Landmark and Marquee series, the Throwdown win in Chicago and the overall growth of Hearth & Home. Add to that all the traveling I’ve done for pipe shows and the writing I’ve been […]