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Some Cold Weather Smoking Tips

Pipe smoking snowman

For those of you who live in Florida, the deep Southwest, southern California and Hawaii, ignore this information. For those of you who live elsewhere in the United States, these tips are for you, after you get done mumbling curses under your breath directed toward the people who live in those warmer regions. Obviously, if […]

Cigar Review: Asylum 13 550

Asylum 13 550 Cigar

Cigar: Asylum 13 550 (robusto) Maker: Tabacalera Unidas Wrapper: Nicaragua Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Travis, knowing my taste for fuller-bodied cigars, suggested that I smoke an Asylum 13 550 for a review, so I grabbed one and headed off to our lounge. Christian Eiroa burst onto the scene by bringing the first widely distributed powerhouse […]

A Smokin’ Thanksgiving

Russ enjoys a smoke

This is the time when we should all take a moment to reflect on our good fortune throughout the year. It all started, of course, as a harvest celebration, but we now use it as a way to appreciate family, friends and life as a lead-in to the end of the year holidays. For the […]

Holiday Shopping for Pipe and Cigar Smokers

Russ enjoys a smoke

At the holidays, we all want to bring enjoyment to the people we give presents to (and, yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition). But when selecting gift having to do with the recipient’s hobby, you wade into murky waters. So these are some suggestions to help you avoid some of the pitfalls when […]

Welcome to Las Vegas

The West Coast Pipe Show began today, and we had a great day. Jim Murray and I handed out so many samples that we went through 1+ boxes of sample bags, plus the ones where people just loaded up and smoked. Slice O’ Gold, the 2012 WCPS blend has been enthusiastically received, and Fusilier’s Ration, […]

Rocky Patel Factory Tour – Processing & Rolling

Team Habana in the Rocky Patel Factory

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been very busy putting together our Holiday 2012 catalog which should be reaching you in a couple weeks, but with that project in my rearview mirror, it’s time for the 2nd installment in my description of our awesome trip to the Rocky Patel Factory in Honduras! If you […]

What I Do When I Do What I Do

El Primer Mundo Epifanias cigar review by Jason

After reading Russ’s article about doing a cigar tasting, I reflected on my own methods for review.  I would consider myself relatively ritualistic in regards to my process.  I try to be alone whenever I can, which is not always possible.  I feel as though it will yield the most accurate results for a few […]

Rocky Patel Factory Tour – Seed to Plant

Rocky Patel Tobacco Field

I’m finally caught up on my work from spending much of last week in Honduras at the Rocky Patel cigar factory, and I wanted to share some info, pictures, and descriptions from the trip. I figured the best place to start is the same place all of our cigars start – with some tiny seeds. […]

How to Do a Cigar Tasting


When trying a cigar for the first time, I don’t usually smoke and drink as I normally would. My intent is to get the true flavor and aroma, so I try to arrange things to keep my palate clean. The first thing, obviously, is to select the cigar. Once you know what the approximate strength […]

A Few Little Cigar Tricks

Just the Tip

Everybody has their collection of tips and tricks about their livelihoods and/or hobbies. Here are a handful of ideas that may make your enjoyment of cigar smoking a little better. Lighting for an even burn- Using a wide flame, such as using two matches or a double width soft-flame butane lighter is the best way […]