The Evolution of a Product

In the last fifteen years at P&C, we’ve seen a lot of new products come and go, and we’ve created a lot of our own, like the Hearth & Home tobaccos and Baraccini pipes. We have some really good relationships with a number of companies, and we’re asked from time to time for our input […]

Truth AND Consequences

We just recently got back from the IPCPR (International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers) show, which is where the manufacturers present their new products, and special items for the gift-giving season. Most of the new items are cigars, and there are a lot of them. We saw a number of new pipes and tobaccos as […]

Overview- Decatur products

When I first started selling pipes in my shop, Decatur was the best-known name in pipe furniture. They had a nice assortment of stands, racks, tobacco jars and cabinets, and they were pretty reasonably priced. Then with very little warning, Decatur was gone, and there weren’t many companies left to fill the void. A number […]

About Pipes and Tobaccos

When I first decided to bring pipes and pipe tobacco into my retail store, I had no idea just how many products were on the market. Fortunately, I had manufacturers’ reps who were very helpful and patient, and they helped me to understand the importance of variety to pipe smokers. Up to that point, I […]

5 Things The Cigar Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Know!

Some of your cigars might need some aging after purchase to achieve optimum flavors Obviously sitting on product can get expensive, and additionally, when a brand is popular there is a lot of pressure on the manufacturer’s to get them on the shelf as quickly as possible. However, sometimes tobacco needs to age for extended […]

A Little History

So many of our customers at have been with us for such a long time that it may seem like we’ve been around forever, and after some days, like just before Christmas or Father’s Day, it feels like it, too. But the truth of the matter is that 2014 marks our 15th year of […]

McClelland’s Mastermind: Mike McNeil Interview

McClelland is a brand that needs no introduction, their array of premium blends is among the most popular and most respected in the world of pipe tobacco. Mike McNeil is the man behind this iconic brand, and his tireless work ethic and supernatural blending talents are the driving force that have caused it’s phenomenal success. […]

Rediscovery of a Pipe

If you’re a pipe smoker like me and have been collecting pipes and related paraphernalia for as long as I have, you’re bound to have come across a pipe in your collection that you’ve forgotten or overlooked. I’ve not kept track, but I bet that I’ve purchased, traded and owned thousands of pipes in the […]

Tools of the Trade: All the Toys for Enjoyable Smoking!

Have you ever noticed the tools that professional use in their chosen line of work? A chef has knives, pots and pans, cutting boards, measuring cups, place settings and all kinds of food items. A handyman has a tool belt, screw drivers, hammers, tape measures, nails & screws and wood and metal to work with. […]

From Father To Son

Have you ever noticed that fathers pass on more than genes to their sons? In my case, my father was a pipe and an occasional cigar smoker. Many of my fondest and earliest memories of my father are related to smoking pipes and cigars. Without consciously knowing it, he passed on the appreciation of fine […]