What’s in a Name?

It’s always intrigued me that Einstein favored the pipe tobacco called Revelation. One might call it a coincidence, but since pipe smoking is often connected to contemplative moments of deep thought and inspiration, there just could be a subtle satisfaction in drawing one’s wisdom through a bowl of a blend whose name was chosen by […]

Tobacco Road

In 1960, John D. Loudermilk first delivered his lyrical ode . . .               ” . . .With the help and the grace from above,            Save some money, get rich and old,             Bring it back to Tobacco Road . . .”   Although the song presents a generally bleak disdain of the […]

Cold Days, Warm Pipes

As a child of the turbulent ’60s, I was too young to go to Woodstock, but not old enough to stand up to my father’s recurring insistence that I get a haircut. So I had to bide my time and learn to let my freak flag fly in more subtle ways. I learned patience by […]