Summer is Upon Us!

The temperature is going to be in the high 80’s and low 90’s this week and I have already picked out my pipes and cigars for the week. When it is humid out I like to smoke smaller cigars and pipes with smaller bowls. I feel like the shorter the smoke, the less chance of […]

Home from Chicago

Russ, Eric and I just got back from the Chicago Pipe Show and we had a blast. The show was packed again this year and it was great to see masses of people enjoying themselves. We were busy giving out samples of tobaccos and talking to customers about everything P&C. It is so nice to meet […]

Our friends at Meerschaum Depot


When I started at P&C one of the first vendors that I met with was our good friends at Meerschaum Depot pipes. I could tell we were going to have a great working relationship as soon as I met them. During our first meeting we got to know each other, and now when they come to visit, it […]

Newark Pipe Show Here We Come

We are heading to Newark this weekend and we could not be more excited. This is a show that brings together the collectors from the Northeast. The weather is going to be nice and the trip there will be fun. Russ, Dan and I will be attending the show. We are bringing along a few goodies […]

Peterson St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Pipes Have Arrived


I just wanted to let all of readers know that we received the first part of our shipment of Peterson St. Patrick’s Day 2015 pipes today. We have four shapes so far and we are waiting on a few more to arrive. But for now we have four to choose from, we also received the […]

Introducing …….

HHpipes (2)

We have a bunch of talented people that work at P&C and one of our photographers wanted to experiment a little with a few pipes.  His name is Joe and he does outstanding work. He also comes through for us whenever we need something done in a pinch, so when Joe asked me to get […]

We are busy at P&C

It feels like a lifetime ago that I posted anything on Talking Tobacco, but we have been seriously busy here. Looking at our white board I see multiple projects scheduled every month and new ones are added all the time. We had a meeting yesterday to prioritize what we have and the list is long. […]

New Year’s Smoke

Every New Year’s  I have plans to smoke a rare cigar or a pipe tobacco that I have, but every year I end up just smoking something I am in the mood for. I have a problem smoking a cigar that is rare or a tin that I have cellared for years. So every year I […]

Paolo Becker

We have just learned of the passing of Paolo Becker. Both Russ and I have spent time with Paolo over the years, he was a fixture at many pipe shows and was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. I remember having many nice conversations with Paolo during the Chicago pipe shows we both attended. […]

The New Dark Strong Kentucky

I have waited very impatiently for the new samples to arrive. I have fond memories of Dark Strong and enjoyed every tin that I smoked, which was quite a few. The last time I smoked a tin was right before it was discontinued. I purchased a tin and smoked it non-stop until it was gone. […]