I’ll Be Back…

If you think Santa and his elves have been busy this holiday season wait until you see what we have in the works. It’s not everyday that you can announce something like this. We have been listening to our P&C faithful ask repeatedly for the return of Orlik’s Dark Strong Kentucky.  Well, after working closely with the […]

I Know Me Best

Have you ever experienced something and said I can do that better?  Have you ever ordered something at a restaurant based on the write up and said that sounds amazing but when you get it falls short?  I find that happens to me a lot and it translates across to my pipe tobaccos as well.  […]

Vertigo Hitman Lighter

                             I am a big fan of the NEW Vertigo Hitman Lighter.  This lighter is very unique with a telescoping head that makes lighting your pipe so much easier.  This action puts the flame right where you want it, close to your bowl but away from your fingers. The lighter has a longer body type […]