Summer is Upon Us!

The temperature is going to be in the high 80’s and low 90’s this week and I have already picked out my pipes and cigars for the week. When it is humid out I like to smoke smaller cigars and pipes with smaller bowls. I feel like the shorter the smoke, the less chance of […]

Home from Chicago

Russ, Eric and I just got back from the Chicago Pipe Show and we had a blast. The show was packed again this year and it was great to see masses of people enjoying themselves. We were busy giving out samples of tobaccos and talking to customers about everything P&C. It is so nice to meet […]

Poker Night with a Smoking Monk

Thursday night. For some Friday is the night they can’t wait to arrive, but for me its Thursday. Thursday is my night to let my inner caveman loose. Too be a rude, crude, ridiculous man in the company of other ridiculous men in all their juvenile glory. Thursday is Poker Night. I have a great […]

The Cigar Valley

Pipes & Cigars was started up in Albany New York but moved to Bethlehem Pennsylvania a few years ago. I joined the company when they moved down here and have loved it ever since. You see, I grew up in Bethlehem. I went to school here and lived and worked here all my life. Bethlehem […]

Fine Pipes by Gubbels

Today I’d like to talk about pipes. I not only love to smoke and collect them, but love the romance and the history .  I appreciate the tradition of it all, from the cultivation of tobacco and the use of clay pipes , the development of corn cobs, the long usage of meerschaum , to the […]

Pipe Tobacco Review – Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky

Now this review I’m excited about. I’ve been privy to a sample for the last two weeks and finally the day has arrived for its release. I’m talking about the new Mac Baren’s  HH Bold Kentucky.  Like it’s older brother, Old Dark Fired, but turned up a notch, or two. I’ve paired this wonderful flake […]

Our friends at Meerschaum Depot

When I started at P&C one of the first vendors that I met with was our good friends at Meerschaum Depot pipes. I could tell we were going to have a great working relationship as soon as I met them. During our first meeting we got to know each other, and now when they come to visit, it […]

Pipe Tobacco Review – Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired

Next up I’d like to talk about another Mac Baren’s tobacco – HH Old Dark Fired.  Stepping away from my usual genre  of Virginia/Perique, I also enjoy many other flake tobaccos.  Bold and full bodied, I’ve enjoyed Dark Fired since its release.  Upon opening, you’re presented with beautiful,  dark chocolate -colored flakes, moist and pliable.  The full, […]

Rebel against Fat Cigars! Try a Lancero!

Ok folks, it is time to get over yourselves and check your egos at the door and try smoking a Lancero size cigar. I just don’t get the fascination with large ring gauge cigars in this country. There is no reason to be smoking a 60, 70, or 80 ring gauge cigar unless you’re Andre […]

Pipe Tobacco Review – Hearth & Home Marquee El Nino

A few weeks ago, when I started working with the P&C team, Russ knew my fondness of strong bold flavors and leaf, so he handed me a tin of Hearth & Home’s El Nino. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I  selected an Argo Rhodesian to test this blend in. The tin aroma was sweet with […]