Missed Conceptions Entangled in Questions

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Virginia’s a wonderful thing to taste


A diamond, it’s said, is akin to forever

To seek out the perfect tobacco? I never


They told me to run in their shoes and Just Do It

I tripped on the wrong combination and blew it


At last I Got Milk, but it started to curdle

I aged it all wrong, do not rabbit, try turtle


You asked, “Where’s the Beef”, I hear beefs every day

I try to correct them and send them away


Great taste is less filling? Are you really that willing?

Don’t Leave Home Without It, I’d rather be Stout-ed


It may melt in your mouth but the matter at hand

Is a smoking deliverance sprung forth from the land


Does she or don’t she?  I don’t think she know

If she doesn’t light up then it’s just there for show


What’s there in good hands is all stated online

Descriptions and warnings to read and go blind


We have to try harder to please Number One

So light up, enjoy it, it’s all said and done.