Invitations That Lead To New Discoveries

Hi guys, it’s me again! I’m the one who referred to herself as the Newbie some time ago. I had spoken about how my co-workers would teach me to pack, light, and smoke a pipe. They went as far as renaming me Jeff Clark. “Frankly, I think I like it”! At any rate, let me tell you what’s been going on with me since. For starters I tried another tobacco that is not an aromatic. How did this happen? I can explain! I was sitting down on a Friday afternoon, taking orders on and off going about estatepipemy usual employee business, when one of my very experienced tobacco smoking co-workers tapped me on the shoulder and asked me “hey are you smoking today”? I quickly replied, of course I am, I mean, I don’t want to be left out, and I’m still in tobacco boot-camp training sort of speak”. So Sal pulls out this tin that has a nice green color, kind of like an emerald green, and he opened the tin for me and asked me to take a whiff of its contents. I being the good student that I try to be immediately smelled the tin and notice the familiar scent of a blend that at one point I thought was too bold for my nose to handle. So I asked him, “hey Sal, does this blend have Latakia?” and sure enough he confirmed that in fact it did. The only difference this time around was that it was mixed and not the four ounces of just the wholesome Latakia that I purchased for one of my co-workers as a gift, which was my initial introduction to this particular ingredient. After having it at home for a week, believe and trust I will never forget that scent. Now I can tell which tobaccos have this particular component and I can say that I now appreciate what was once a disturbance to my nasal sense.

I tell you guys, I totally misjudge the pureness of this condiment. When alone as an ingredient, it kind of made me want to throw it out my bedroom window, the smell was really strong. But when mixed with the right quantity and right tobacco amount- ooh la-la- smooth as smooth can be. I can now say I understand what the description of this blend truly means “intense to the nose, but soft on the palate”. All it took for this discovery was an invitation for a smoke and my boldness to accept and try something new. Overall it could not have been possible without the Savinelli 1876 English Mixture. I’m glad to have tried this English tobacco. I believe it was the one who opened my horizons and hopefully I can continue to experiment with the different types of tobaccos; especially the once our customers refer to me. In recognition, definitely it would not have been thinkable if it wasn’t for Mr. Sal’s call for a smoke on a Friday evening!

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, Savinelli English Mixture has been discontinued.

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