The Torture

For the past few months I’ve been the bane of everyone’s existence in the office. Not because of my bubbly personality, bluntness, or how I am unable to sit still for very long; but because I have been sick! When your allergies turn for the worse and you are unable to smoke or be around smoke, it sure puts a damper on enjoying your pipe.


So now I have to sit in the office watching Adriene and Sal, our resident everyday smokers light up while I suffer in my new found corner of the office, with the door cracked open for my own safety. Now Sal is a VaPer smoker, and Adriene is an aromatic smoker who enjoys dabbling with Latakia. For those of you who have spoken to me, you know I am a Latakia/Oriental lover. If I could roll on it daily and make a party of it, I would; maybe that’s why I was never given access to the warehouse…now it makes so much sense.


For now I can’t stop counting the days, until I am able to smoke my favorite blends like H&H Marquee BlackHouse, Peter Stokkebye Proper English or some good ol’ Peterson Irish Flake.