The Cigar Valley

Pipes & Cigars was started up in Albany New York but moved to Bethlehem Pennsylvania a few years ago. I joined the company when they moved down here and have loved it ever since. You see, I grew up in Bethlehem. I went to school here and lived and worked here all my life. Bethlehem is a small city that is part of a larger region called the Lehigh Valley. In reality, this area should be called the Cigar Valley because of the incredible number of tobacco businesses packed into this area.
Southern Florida is undoubtedly the king of premium tobacco due to its cigar industry. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the Lehigh Valley (and Eastern Pennsylvania in general) is firmly in the number 2 spot. In addition to Pipes & Cigars, we have 4 major online cigar retailers within an hour of where I sit. We also have three fabulous restaurants were cigars and pipes are not only permitted but encouraged. And if you’re looking for a lounge where you can kick back and enjoy the company of your fellow cigar or pipe enthusiasts, there are dozens of top-notch lounges with an hour’s drive.
If you are interested in doing more than sitting on your behind smoking, you can get out and visit some tobacco being grown in Lancaster County. The Amish have been growing tobacco in Pennsylvania forever and a day and grow the famous PA Broadleaf tobacco. Or, you can head up to Scranton were Avanti Cigars is still making Italian style cigars in there factory just like they did since 1929.
I am lucky to have been spoiled with the wealth of options we have this area. I have been to major cities elsewhere in the US that don’t come close to what I am used to. In the coming weeks, I intend to share some of my favorite places and events in this area. Hopefully, if you are bored and looking to hit the road for a little R&R, you might just want to come by and experience it for yourself.