Poker Night with a Smoking Monk

v70Thursday night. For some Friday is the night they can’t wait to arrive, but for me its Thursday. Thursday is my night to let my inner caveman loose. Too be a rude, crude, ridiculous man in the company of other ridiculous men in all their juvenile glory. Thursday is Poker Night.

I have a great job here at P&C and sometimes it means extra hours past my normal quitting time. But not on Thursdays. On Thursday I am out at 5:30 on the dot because I have things to do and people to see. First stop is Evil Genius Studios (yes that is a real thing) for our weekly podcast called Over A Cigar. For two hours, me and some friends sit and talk about cigars, pipes and anything else that strikes our fancy just as if we were in a cigar lounge. Anything is fair game except religion and politics. The Bourbon flows and things get wonderfully stupid sometimes. Once we did a whole two hours arguing about what the best cookie is. For the record, it’s Oreo Double Stuffs.

From there, I race to the Wooden Match (Great cigar friendly restaurant, review coming soon) and the Lehigh Valley Cigar Club Lounge upstairs. If there is anything more manly than Beer, Bourbon, Cigars, and Poker being enjoyed simultaneously, I am unaware of it. Throw in Thursday Night Football and it’s heaven on earth.

Last night was even more special than normal because I was introduced to the Smoking Monk Porter cigar from Drew Estate. This cigar is from a line of 5 that have all been blended to be smoked along with a specific style of beer. I love Guinness and that cigar was a perfect complement to my favorite brew. A deep brown Maduro with a toasty tobacco core backed by rich, sweet notes of cocoa, espresso, and honey. All I can say is wow. I can’t wait to try the other 4 cigars in the line to see if they pair up just as well.
I hope all of you reading this have some regular trip or activity to let your inner caveman out for a little while. Whether it’s that annual Hunting trip, your summer Golf Foursome, or some quality time with friends on the deck, let us hear about it by leaving a comment.

Until next time…