Lake Fishing in PA

License attached to my vest: checkIMAG0295

Tackle box stocked and ready: check

Rod checked after last week’s worm drowning: ?

Missouri Meerschaum Legend bent packed with Angler’s Dream and more in my pouch: check

Everything was ready for a Sunday afternoon at the lake with my family.  We pulled up to the lake around 11 am. After looking around for Big Brother signs and finding none, I light up. As I am in the process of getting my line baited, I realize I’m having some difficulty reeling.  And by some difficulty I mean it is not happening. Slightly irritated, I remove the reel from the rod to get a closer look without smacking myself in the face. Some people may think that finding out your reel is broken once you get up to the lake is tragedy and cause to head to the nearest store for a new one. I am not like most people. I spent about thirty minutes alternating between trying to figure out the problem, and helping the kids with snags. I quickly realized that I would not be fishing that day. My type-A fiancé, who was frustrated about having to retie lines that kept getting snagged, was more upset about me not getting to fish than I was. I was at a beautiful lake, I had my pipe and my family, what else did I need? It’s not like the fish were biting anyway. We were standing on the shore and casting past the rocks was difficult.

I am sure the true fishermen are outraged by now. Let me explain my perfect day of fishing as a kid. I was content with dropping my line in a river or creek, attaching the rod to my leg so I would feel a tug, sitting back and relaxing with either a book or a pen and pad. Now I am an older, more experienced fisherperson.  Just add a corn cob pipe with some tobacco that doesn’t need to be fussed with and a firestarter that will work in the wind. Angler’s Dream, Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane, Captain Black Round and Ole Shenandoah Barrel 76 fit the bill for me.

The lesson my fiancé learned? As long as I have a pipe with tobacco and a firestarter, I’ll be a happy fisher. No rod required. I caught just as many fish as the ones with a rod. Happy smoking, and happy worm drowning!

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