Fine Pipes by Gubbels

Today I’d like to talk about pipes. I not only love to smoke and collect them, but love the romance and the history .  I appreciate the tradition of it all, from the cultivation of tobacco and the use of clay pipes , the royal dutchdevelopment of corn cobs, the long usage of meerschaum , to the discovery and implementation of our beloved briar.

It’s important to recognize  the  St. Claude ,France’s role in this during the 1850’s. Many of our still popular traditional shapes have French origins. Around the same time Jean Knoden was producing clay pipes in Belgium and by the end of the decade would start making briar pipes as well. This Hillen Pipe company would continue to produce briar pipes and in 1980 would be purchased by the House of Gubbels to become Hilson Pipes.

Since I started working for Pipes and Cigars many of these gems have passed through my hands. I love pipe smoking and pipe making and appreciate where the art has developed  new and innovative shapes, but I have a soft spot for tradition, and these pipes personify that.

Quality, size, fit and finish you can’t beat these pipes.  Elegant traditional lines, timeless .  Lately I’m on a bulldog kick, two models fit the bill the 454 and the 457. Smoking the 457 as I type and I must say smooth as any of my own pipes.

I’ll be purchasing a new rack in the near future I see a lot more of these fine pipes in my collection very soon. 

Rainer Barbi one of the finest pipe makers in the world before his untimely passing, worked with Hilson and created a line of pipes for the brand with his flair.

Other brands under the House of Gubbels besides Hilson are Royal Dutch, Bentley, and Big Ben.

Quality pipes available and affordable price points from a company with over 146 years of experience, available here at Pipes and Cigars. They are a value and a must try.

Thank you,