Taste -vs- Room Note: The Aromatic Battle

mobWhy doesn’t my tobacco taste like it smells? This question has been asked and answered numerous times by people who have been smoking much longer than I have. Russ has touched on the topic a few times previously. While I enjoy smoking aromatics at times, I tend to prefer English tobaccos.

Imparting flavor into a pipe tobacco is very different than adding a flavoring agent to something edible. I’ve watched how candy is made a number of times, and the flavor is added multiple times throughout the process. With tobacco, the “flavoring” is called a top dressing and applied during the last step of the process, and supplies the pouch aroma and room note of the aromatic. I hesitate to move onto talking about casings without this caveat: while almost all pipe tobaccos have a casing, not all casings impart flavor. The casing is added very early in processing, and is usually meant to prepare the tobacco for additional processing.

In order to discover the aromatic to suit your own flavor desires you should know what the individual tobaccos taste like. I like to direct people to the My Own Blend portion of our website. That area gives you the unique opportunity to discover more about what is going into every blend of tobacco, and the general flavor of each component.

But why doesn’t it taste like it smells? You are drawing the smoke of the tobacco and tasting the essence. The flavor on the tobacco does not touch your mouth directly as it would an infused cigar. Many people can barely smell the tobacco they are smoking, and usually have to leave the room and come back to find out the room note.  Whatever the smell, no matter the taste, happy smoking!


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