Rebel against Fat Cigars! Try a Lancero!

Ok folks, it is time to get over yourselves and check your egos at the door and try smoking a Lancero size cigar. I just don’t get the fascination with large ring gauge cigars in this country. There is no reason to be smoking a 60, 70, or 80 ring gauge cigar unless you’re Andre the Giant or a railroad tycoon.

When blenders create the blends for their cigars, they are almost always using a Corona or Robusto size to test the blend. Robusto’s are the number one selling size of cigar and at 50 ring gauge; they also give a good ratio of wrapper leaf to filler. The wrapper leaf of the cigar is magical. It provides about 50% of the taste in a single leaf. Once you begin getting into a larger ring gauge you begin to get more filler and the wrapper taste will begin to get lost.

A standard Lancero size cigar is 7.5 inches by 38 ring gauge in size. That size is all about the wrapper. If the wrapper is not capable of carrying the cigar, there is no reason to make it into a Lancero because it will disappoint. But a Lancero of a great cigar like the Oliva Serie ‘V’ is just sublime. The wrapper of that cigar is so special and so rich, using it in a Lancero lets it take center stage in the taste.

If you have not had a Lancero try an experiment. Find a cigar you enjoy and smoke it in the size you usually get and then try it in a Lancero. The Lancero will be an eye-opening experience that will let experience that cigar in an all new light. Don’t have a cigar that comes in a Lancero? Try the experiment with one of these:

Oliva Serie ‘V’ is one of my all-time favorite cigars that just got unbelievably better in the Lancero.

The San Lotano Maduro Is a great Maduro from AJ Fernandez that really brings the natural Maduro sweetness to the forefront in the Lancero.

The My Uzi Weighs A Ton KFC was a cigar I could not smoke until the Lancero hit the market. It was just too strong in taste for me to enjoy. The new Delfinas is the Lancero version and is now a favorite smoke.

So please put down that fatty ring gauge cigar and give a Lancero a chance. Your taste buds will thank you! Enjoy!