Pipe Tobacco Review – Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky

bold kentuckyNow this review I’m excited about. I’ve been privy to a sample for the last two weeks and finally the day has arrived for its release. I’m talking about the new Mac Baren’s  HH Bold Kentucky.  Like it’s older brother, Old Dark Fired, but turned up a notch, or two.

I’ve paired this wonderful flake with a recently acquired Meerschaum Depot quarter bent billiard.

Thin-sliced chocolate colored flakes with an intoxicating aroma – musty mushroom and leather similar to Old Dark Fired but amped up.  One and one half flakes teased and inserted lengthwise into the bowl, a bit broken and rubbed out for kindling on top. At first match I draw a puff – full and very sweet. Yes the Virginias give sweet support to the deep, rich, and full flavor of Bold Kentucky. This  leaf picks up where Old Dark Fired left off – it’s that large of a flavor. I’m glad I ate something before this smoke. It’s a sumptuous after dinner smoke , or one that will hold up to pints of ale with the guys.

Russ and I discussed its strength, and we concur that it’s quite possibly a bit stronger than that leaf I’m fond of from the Emerald Isle (Peterson Irish Flake) – full, extremely rich and satisfying. So if you like Old Dark Fired and want to advance to the head of the class, give this a try – not to be missed.