Our friends at Meerschaum Depot

pm-p171611When I started at P&C one of the first vendors that I met with was our good friends at Meerschaum Depot pipes. I could tell we were going to have a great working relationship as soon as I met them. During our first meeting we got to know each other, and now when they come to visit, it is like visiting with old friends. They were  just here today and we spent two hours picking out new Meerschaum Depot pipes. The great part about our working relationship is now we bounce ideas off of each other. They recently went to Turkey to meet with their carvers and to discuss a few projects we have in the works. The pipes for our first project together should arrive in about two weeks. During today’s visit I handpicked a lot of pipes. The great thing about Meerschaum Depot is not only the wide range of shapes and sizes, but their prices are more than affordable. They only work with the top carvers in Turkey and their work is very intricate and detailed. Take a look at our large selection of Meerschaum Depot pipes. Everyone in the office has one and they smoke as well as a briar pipe.