We have all heard about dedicating your pipes. Only smoking a certain tobacco in a certain pipe; be it by leaf or by blend type or by flavoring. I recently discovered that I have enough pipes in my collection to be able to dedicate by pretty much ghostanything I want. I also recently discovered that I haven’t been. Currently, the only pipe that is strictly for one tobacco is my Savinelli Bing’s Favorite. In the interest of full disclosure, other than initial tests to see what smoked the best in it, I’ve only smoked one blend in that pipe for the year that I have had it. Russ’ Spring Training. That tobacco with that pipe turns me into an expert. Two lights get me through the entire bowl with minimal tamping. I love that pipe, and its caramel ghost. Unfortunately, it is a bit too long to carry around, so it sits and looks pretty in my cabinet during winter.

The type of dedication I have applied to the Bing’s Favorite is expensive and exhausting for someone who enjoys tobacco and wants to try different blends. The rest of my pipes are dedicated by type: English, aromatic, non-aromatic. I’m pretty strict about this, or so I thought. A friend was leading a pipe training wanted to borrow a couple of my pipes to explain ghosting to her team. A pipe that I was positive I had dedicated to English tobaccos smelled strangely sweet with hints of smokiness. Hmm, perhaps the brutal winter we have had in Pennsylvania caused me to just grab and smoke without considering the ghost.

Though I have enough pipes to smoke how I like (there’s that PAD* creeping in again), the weather has dictated my opportunities to smoke. My newest briar, and the one that has been in my pocket the most is a Wessex Standard Tapered Smooth bent apple. It is such a light pipe that I barely remember it’s in my mouth.  This pipe is completely undedicated. It stays in my pocket, and has travelled all over the Lehigh Valley. I will smoke it in the car, which is an aromatic only zone. I’ll use it to try tobaccos in stores, so it can be packed with anything. It gets smoked at work and loaded with everything under the sun. I don’t notice any ghosting because it rarely has the same tobacco back to back.

Warmer weather is coming, and that means more smoking outside. Maybe I will go back to pairing the right pipe with the right tobacco since I will have more opportunity to smoke. Time to dig into my winter stockpile of pipes and start experimenting; I know I’m not the only one who had winter PAD.  Dedicate or not, smoke how you like, don’t worry about ghosts, and happy smoking.

* (For those not familiar with the acronym, PAD= Pipe Acquisition Disorder.  -Russ)

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