The Learning Road for the Newbie

As a female and a newbie in the pipe tobacco industry, I must admit that my perception on pipe smoking has changed entirely.  Before Pipes and Cigars came into the picture, I truly didn’t notice individuals who smoked pipes.  If I did notice one – it would normally be someone older and of the male gender.  To my surprise, this hobby does not discriminate with gender or age.  Now that I have learned some knowledge in this field, it seems that pipe smoking is more common than usual.  It’s like when purchasing a car that you were not familiar with, and no sooner than you pull it out of the dealer ship, you notice one exactly like yours riding right alongside yours.  That’s exactly what happened to me with pipes and tobacco.

I was very impressed to see how my same gender co-workers smoked their pipes and with such confidence, that I immediately became curious and began my pipe smoking after commencing my employment at Pipes and Cigars. After I was introduced to what pipe smoking was and what methods are used for this hobby, I was presented to Drew Estate 7th Avenue Blonde tobacco. My co-worker showed me how to pack the bowl (her way of course) as my other co-worker gave me other different techniques, and since the lessons began to flow.  Every now and then I would occasionally hear “ Hey what are you doing, you’re not supposed to smoke it like a cigarette” or,  “Hey let the pipe rest before lighting it up again” and so on and so on. But I will say that for every shouted lesson across the office, it is very well appreciated.

I’m still processing the lighting and puffing part of tobacco smoking. I normally smoke on Fridays in the office with the rest of the smokers. I observe their methods on pipe smoking, as I continue to try to improve myself by mimicking their techniques on how to keep my pipe lit for longer periods as well as how to keep it clenched between my teeth, which I have not been too successful in doing so, but still determined, I continue to practice.  I’ve also learned about tongue bite, ghost flavor, and propylene glycol a product that is used to preserve the tobacco and prevent it from developing mold. I’m also learning how to match certain blends with advance search in our web page, I haven’t perfected the use yet, but it’s a start and how awesome is that! With some of this knowledge I would say “this is truly a plus” because the asking for help around the office is subsiding little by little, which I can assure you is making my co-workers very pleased at peace.  For some in the office I’ve graduated from newbie to my actual name, or Jeff Clark, a personal joke!

At any rate, I like what I do now, and hope to continue to learn more to improve the quality of service that I provide to our customers.  And hope to one day be as knowledgeable as most of my co-workers in this field.  And just to give you guys an update regarding where I stand in my tobacco lessons, “I’m still learning”!  With this being the end, I will just say that I don’t miss the  my newbie title, but will clench to it when I’m lost or unfamiliar with something’s pertaining to pipes and tobacco.

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