Starting a “Fire Storm”


firestormWith the introduction of Russ Ouellette’s new line of tinned tobaccos this week I thought it would be a good time to post a review. I’ve been fortunate to be smoking this wonderful blend for the last two weeks.I’m a confirmed Virginia Perique lover so this tobacco excites me,  I am smoking it in a Gabrieli bamboo as I type.

This blend starts with Russ’ Virginias used in Anniversary Kake, turns up the Perique and adds some dark-fired Kentucky. There’s sweetness here but subtle. This is not a dessert smoke – this is full to me, meaty. I’ve been smoking it in the morning with my coffee, bold and dynamic throughout the bowl, I pick up heavy notes of cocoa with splashes of cinnamon. Definitely a “get up and go” blend.  There are other Virginia, dark-fired, Perique blends out there right now. I’ve smoked many and find them similar. This is a unique blend, one I think you will find pleasantly different than the crowd. I’m excited for Russ and its release. Get some!